To provide quality education to the students of the locality in particular and of the state in general, the Department of Education was established in the academic year 1978 with the inception of the College. Education as a subject at Degree Level was started during the academic year 1987-88. The Department focuses on the basic aim of the education which is to bring modification in human behaviour by creating an appetite among the learners to gather information and construct knowledge. In the 21st Century world, the students are required to be skilled enough to meet their needs of life. Hence, the Department of Education endeavours to achieve excellence by facilitating quality  education based on research for students. To enable them to acquire skills that are required in the present period of globalization.  The teachers of the Department are committed to make innovations in teaching and research.

Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha has sponsored two Lecturers selected through State Selection Board named Dr. Sankar Prasad Mohanty and Ms. Monalisa Dash who have joined Brajrajnagar College in the month of October 2016. Besides, Mr. Pranaya Kumar Pandey has been working as a Lecturer in Education since 2003 and he is heading the Department.

The Department has its own room equipped with major psychological tests required for CBCS syllabus. The students visit the schools/sites for collection of data required for their project works. They are encouraged to learn the skills particularly Life Skills. The Department offers Education as Honours, Pass and Elective. Besides, as per the demands of the students, we are planning to open MA (Education) in near future. The Department also offers Education as an optional subject at +2 level with 64 seats (at Higher Secondary Level).

Total students’ strength in Education as follows:

  • +3 First Year         : Honours 48, Pass: 17, Elective: 55 (CBCS Pattern)
  • +3 Second Year    : Honours 48, Pass: 34, Elective: 32 (CBCS Pattern)
  • +3 Final Year        : Honours 19, Elective: 30 (Old Pattern)
  • +2 First Year         : 64 (CHSE, Odisha)
  • +2 Second Year    : 64 (CHSE, Odisha)

Achievement of Students (obtained 1st Div.) in Education Honours (DOWNLOAD)

YEAR    NAME                                        ROLL NO.                MARKS OBTAINED/DISTINCTION-YES/NO

2018        SUPRIYA CHHACHHAN          16EDN-016              499   —

2018        SADASIB KARNA                       16EDN-018              499   —

2018        AHALYA DUAN                          16EDN-001              487   —

2018        DALI PRADHAN                        16EDN-005              481   —

2017        POOJA NANDA                          01215EDN007         506 / NO

2016        POOJA KUMARI SINGH         01214EDN010          519 / YES

2016        SUNITA BEHERA                     01214EDN015          526  / YES

2015        LILY BISHI                                 01213EDN004           536 / NO

2015        MADHU KUMARI                    01213EDN005            497 / NO

2014       SEEMANTINI SAHU                 01212EDN008           521 / YES

2014       MITA MEHER                             01212EDN014            513  / NO

2014       SUNITA MAKAR                        01212EDN009            504  / NO

2013       P. NEELA RAO                            01211EDN010           508  / NO

2012       NANDITA MANJARI TANTY  01210EDN008            505 /  YES

2011       UPASANA SAHU                        01209EDN013           535 /  YES

2011       BIDYA KUMARI                          01209EDN001          503 /  YES

2011       MANJARI BUDA                        01209EDN005          480 / NO

2010      BABITA YADAV                          01208EDN002          512  / NO